Monday, December 10, 2007

TGSE: Day Eight

I finally made the bread of the cover

I remembered why I don't make sourdough bread. Because I don't like sourdough bread. The bread was good and very pretty, but not what I crave. So after all that effort, it wasn't very satisfying. I'm still going to make the other breads this week, just to complete the project. We'll see if I like the others better. I'm tired and going to bed.

the gigantic dough proofing in my banneton

scored with my lame

this monster weighed in at 4 pounds


Teresa said...

Wow, it looks beautiful. I'm with you regarding sourdough. I'll eat it where there's no other choice, but it's not something I really want to make. However, you should be proud of the good looking bread you made. Did it taste good? How did you use up a 4 lb. round?

Aluwicious said...

YUM!!!!! I'll come eat it! I love sourdough.

Astrid said...

Oh my what a success! This bread keeps several days, but if you *really* don't want to eat it, can you freeze a small piece for me?

Are you going to post a picture of a slice?

At one point I was really disappointed with my "pain à l'ancienne," but my family (including both older kids) always asks for more. So maybe when we're tired of baking we're not objective judges of our work?
(How can anyone not like pain Poilâne?!)
As you can see, I'm more excited about your bread than you are!

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