Wednesday, December 12, 2007

TGSE: Day Nine

I'm starting to think this will never end and you and I both will be bored to tears come day 10.

my flat sourdough

That said, I made the basic sourdough and pumpernickel today. The sourdough tasted quite good, particularly as toast, but was quite flat. I don't know why. It rose fine but didn't pop in the oven like most breads. Perhaps the flour? I didn't use any vital wheat gluten. It also had a tight crumb, which I don't know if it should have or not.

my plump pumpernickel

The pumpernickel on the other hand, started out as sad, tiny lumps (I planned to put them into sandwich loaf pans as suggested in the recipe, but they were way too small) but plumped up beautifully during proofing and again the oven. I haven't tasted it yet as it is past midnight they still need to cool. So we'll see. The crust is really soft - is that right? I wish I could have a real perfect example of the bread instead of just a picture and description when I bake.

I shaped another miche tonight and will bake tomorrow. The first time I was lazy and used Ruchmehl instead of sifted organic whole wheat. This time I had organic whole wheat grain ground fresh for me. Then I sifted out some of the bran, as instructed by the recipe. I also halved the recipe so my KitchenAid could knead it. The texture is completely different, which is encouraging. I'm very curious to see how it tastes in comparison to the first loaf.

Must sleep...

sourdough after scoring

sourdough out of oven

moist, but tight crumb

buttery sourdough toast - yum


Astrid said...

I'm not bored! But will be leaving to the US tomorrow so will probably check when I get back. Please please please, can you post a slice from your miche? (That sounds funnny. In French slang, miche means butt-cheek...)

Fredrica said...

It's great following your journey into sourdough making. I wanted so many times to try making it myself but it seems like a lot of work. So I just read about yours for now.

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