Saturday, December 08, 2007

christmas market food

We visited the Einsiedeln Christmas market today and found some new food that we haven't seen before. It's always exciting to find something different than the ubiquitous bratwurst, garlic bread, Opelch├╝echil (fried apple slices), raclette, and roasted chestnuts.

this was the most popular food stand,
so we had to try it...

pork on a stick, with bread

real donuts are hard to find in CH
these were fresh, super yum and served with vanilla sauce

we were lucky with donuts - here's a second booth
frying up person-shaped berliners (jelly donuts)

it was cute and had a bit of jelly spilling
out the top of the head, like brains

we also saw egg nog, aka Eierkirsch
does that mean egg nog spiked with kirsch liquor?

and of course, the ever popular Gl├╝hwein
I wish they had a non-alcoholic version for us


Amy Mc. said...

We went to Einsiedeln also. I am surprised that we did not see you. I have enjoyed reading your blog and all of your baking adventures.

Aluwicious said...

They have those donuts at the railcity Christmas market also with the vanilla and everything, accept they have apples in them. Super yummy.

Margaret said...

LOL, we were there on Saturday, too! It all smelled soooo good!

Teresa said...

I wish I could've been there! All the treats looked so tasty. I discovered your blog recently and share your fondness of baking. I enjoy reading your baking experiences.

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