Saturday, December 08, 2007

TGSE: Day Six

I'm in way over my head. I started to read The Bread Bible's sourdough chapter and I'm overwhelmed. It's so much more complicated than I thought and I'm afraid the sourdough culture is going to start dominating my life. My life is already dominated by one baby, I don't need another. Plus, my fridge is too small to keep so much of this stuff around. I should really just throw away the whole thing and forget all about wild yeast.

Anyway... My barm has refrigerated overnight and is looking very healthy. I scooped out 1 cup to add to my bread starter. I decided to make a Poilâne-style Miche first, sourdough tomorrow, and pumpernickel on the third active day of the barm (all recipes from Bread Baker's Apprentice). After that, I'm going to probably just refrigerate it until after the holidays, then decide what to do with it.

Tomorrow, I will actually mix, shape, and bake the first bread. I'm excited!


Jess said...

Ooo i'm excited to see how your bread comes out!

Astrid said...

Poilâne-style miche, yum, my favorite bread! Please keep on with your experiment Tanya, I'm waiting breathlessly to see the results!

Would love to take some of your seed culture off your hands but way too busy these days. Can you freeze it?

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