Friday, May 18, 2007

what not to eat

I've entered the 3rd trimester and the acid reflux is now in full swing. Yay. To reduce the symptoms, apparently I'm supposed to avoid almost all my favorite things:

  • spicy foods
  • chocolate and peppermint (no more mint chip???)
  • foods high in fats
  • milk and milk-based products
  • eating shortly before bedtime
  • large meals
  • sugarfree chewing gum
  • acidic foods like oranges and tomatoes
  • cruciferous vegetables like onions and broccoli

So much to look forward to.


Fredrica said...

Hi Tanya,
My name is Fredrica and I'm married to James Harker-Syren. I absolutly love all your bloggs and check them everyday to see if you posted something new specially the cooking one since of my passions in life besides my baby girl Isabella is cooking.
Congratulations on the finishing the quilt it looks great and I KNOW how much work it is.

margaret said...

So I guess that means brown rice and plain tofu. Yum! Why no sugar-free chewing gum? I always thought gum was good for indigestion.

Tanya said...

Hi Fredrica. Thanks for your comment. I'm in a little cooking slump right now but I'll be posting again soon. James pointed me to your blog a few weeks ago and I've been enjoying reading it too. The baby yoga sounds great. Maybe I'll try that with my next one.

Tanya said...

Hi Margaret. I just pulled that list from Wikipedia, so who knows if it's accurate (though it does roughly match the advice of many other sites). In related news, my acid reflux took a break the last 2 days so I figured out that the spicy arroz con pollo that I ate over 4 days last week was causing the major outbreak. So I'll avoid the spicy stuff for awhile and see what happens. But I'm sure some brown rice and tofu wouldn't hurt.

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