Tuesday, May 22, 2007

swiss grilling

Perhaps this is common practice with sausages,
but I've never seen it before. I like it.

When we were invited to an outdoor grill party, we thought about bringing steak but wisely brought sausage instead. While we cooked peppers & onions on our grill, everyone else had sausage on a stick. Of course, the other members of our party walked to the grill site, while we drove (we have our excuses, we're not just lazy Americans with too much equipment). We also brought s'more fixings and wire hangers but they weren't quite the hit we thought they'd be. We have a lot to learn.

open-faced s'more


La Noisette said...

It's maybe because you find this kind of sausage only in Switzerland, the famous Cervelas, in french, not sure it the same word in schwyzerd├╝tch. We cut it like that because otheray, it's explosed.

Tanya said...

Aha! I love mysteries explained.

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