Tuesday, June 14, 2011

back in the saddle, mango in tow

I've neglected this blog long enough. I've got lots of photos and info waiting in the queue, I've just been too lazy/busy/unmotivated to post. So let's give it another go.

Let's start with my new love for Aggarwal: Fine Continental Food (Kernstrasse 27 Zurich, a couple blocks from the Helvetiaplatz market). I started a little cooking club with friends and last week we cooked Indian food, which gave me occasion to finally visit Aggarwal, which according to its website "serves you with the finest food specialties from Asia and Africa, particularly India and Sri Lanka." I went there to buy: Asofoetida (spice that smells kinda like dill pickle relish), Fenugreek (smells like maple syrup), Moong Dal (special kind of yellow split pea, most popular dish in North India according to my cookbook), and Paneer (a basically flavorless cheese added to various curries). Shopping at an ethnic grocery is my idea of a good time.

My hands-down favorite item from this store was the yellow Pakistan mango. So delicious!!! They were so unlike the normal supermarket mangoes. There was none of that soapy aftertaste. They were much easier to peel and cut. The seed is super thin. I've had them before, but they are usually unreasonably expensive (like 6sfr per mango). I went back today to get more mangos. I picked out two perfect ones and the lady said I can either pay 6sfr for the two or 8sfr for the whole box. So of course I took the box and now I'm wondering how many I can eat in one sitting without getting sick. Tonight, I'll find out.

My other favorite item was mango pulp, just a simple can of mango puree. I know nothing of the nutritional value of this item. But now mango lassis are a cinch to make with practically no clean up. This is a little mini dream come true. I was surprised that many of my friends had never had a mango lassi or heard of one. For me, mango lassis and naan are the main reasons to eat Indian food.

Mango Lassi
This is basically a mango smoothie, so you can play around with the ingredient ratio until you like it. Here's what I generally do.

1 cup yogurt
1/2 cup milk
1 cup mango pulp or cut up mango
honey or sugar to taste (1-2 TB)
ice (optional)
pinch of cardamon (optional)

Side note: For Indian night, I made Saag Paneer and Moong Dal, both so easy, yummy, and nutritious. Why haven't I been making these before??? Maybe I'll post on this later.


Astrid said...

Yay you're back! I must go to that shop, and try mango lassi (never had it either, and I've been to India!)

Alice said...

Hooray, I'm excited for what's to come from your kitchen. WE actually made this the other day. Great minds think alike:)

Talley said...

Thrilled you are posting again. I discovered your blog while trying to make bagels here in Z├╝rich and when they came out lumpy I went in search of help...and that's how I found expat chow and why I now have a bag of vital wheat gluten waiting to be used in my cupboard. Happy cooking/baking/eating. Looking forward to upcoming posts.

Tanya said...

Thanks Talley. I hope your bagel making is successful!

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