Saturday, April 12, 2008

strasbourg: sweet

I want candy!

We stumbled across this fantastic candy shop in Strasbourg, France. OK, it's impossible to miss, directly in front of the cathedral. We loaded up on lollipops, caramels and fruit candies. It's a magical wonderland of pastel fabulousness. And they gave out lots of free samples, American-style consumerism - I love it! I definitely recommend visiting this place if you're in Strasbourg: La Cure Gourmande 5, Rue Mercière

it's cheaper to buy individual pieces by weight, but more fun to buy them in the crazy cute tins

these look like big candies, but they have little sticks making them into short, squat lollipops

the cute door

outside the shop


Alice said...

Were they real caramels? Like the gooey kind?

Astrid said...

Hey, guess where I'm going next weekend? Strasbourg! Any wonderful pâtisseries you recommend? I enjoy pretty candy stores to look at but am not crazy about eating candy.

Tanya said...

Alice - yes, real caramels. I got a sampler pack and I've eaten one of eat flavor. Most were good, some were downright weird.

Astrid - there are lovely pâtisseries at every turn. I started buying bread as soon as I entered town and I stopped at every other bakery on the way to the cathedral to try different treats. I liked this one called Riss (35 Rue du 22 Novembre) that had good macarons.

blik said...

Oh- we went in that candy store. It was the cutest and super yummy. The boys kept going in and out to get a new treat each time from the lady.
Yum! Why can't we have a candy store like that? Lollipop does not count.

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