Wednesday, April 16, 2008

strasbourg: savory

When in Alsace, you must eat the traditional Choucroute garnie. We first ordered this in Colmar last year, not really sure what we were ordering. We ordered one each, based on the cute, normal portions of food other diners were enjoying. This pot arrived. Correction, two of these pots arrived. I was scared.

We opened our pots to reveal an unholy amount of pork in various forms, sitting on top a mountain of sauerkraut. Plus a huge basket of steamed potatoes. It tasted fine, it was just a ridiculous amount of food.

Tyler tried Choucroute again in Strasbourg and received this tasty plate:

He starteted his meal with some foie gras, of course.

I don't know what I ordered but I got some sort of creamy sauerkraut studded with ham bits and maybe nuts??? It also had weird ham slices that had the consistency of salmon sushi. It was pretty tasty but unlike anything I've ever eaten.

The "kid's" meal came with a chocolate mousse dessert, which was dark, smooth and yum.

The restaurant was cute and small, with an interesting deli/meat counter on the first floor. As the name Porcus implies, this place is all about the pork.

I liked these elaborately decorated meat pastries in their window.

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