Friday, January 11, 2008

america part 2: barbeque

this is only half of the full brisket we attempted to consume over several meals

The Swiss love to grill (hot and fast), but not barbeque (low and slow). So since we wouldn't be visiting a bbq state like Texas, Tennesee or South Carolina, my husband mail-ordered this enormous slow cooked beef brisket, an enormous pork roast, and lots of sausage (totally different than Swiss/German sausage and totally yummy) so we could eat real barbeque while in the US. It was all good, but our favorite was the pork, which we shredded and ate in sandwiches with vinegar sauce. I think he ordered from as recommended by this article. If you're in San Francisco (our old home town), you can indulge by visiting Memphis Minnie's, which has excellent 18hr brisket.

(Sorry the pic isn't better - I've been relaxing this trip and not as attached to the camera as I should.)

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