Thursday, April 09, 2009

pasta by hand

humble beginnings of my pasta

I took another class from Laughing Lemon, this time "Pasta by Hand". I really enjoyed this class, especially the eating part. We made three different pasta doughs, shaped them into different shapes and ate them with different sauces. My favorite was the tortolini filled with ricotta, bärlauch, and rucola. The dough had a bit of buckwheat and whole wheat flour which made it pretty and so tasty.

The most important thing I learned was that pasta dough has to be kneaded just like bread dough to the windowpane stage. The recipes I've used before never instructed to knead this long. This made a huge difference on the texture, during both shaping and chewing. It seems obvious now - I wonder why I never knew this.

I can't wait to take the other courses, Pasta Art and Pasta Sauces.

So here's the class, all vigorously kneading our dough

mise en place ... initially scrappy dough

7:23mins kneading for each dough

first dough rolled out into logs then cut into bits

then shaped into orecchiette ("ears") - I need more practice

Jack made a brocoli rabe sauce for the orecchiette

extra delicious with crème fraîche

Next, pasta alla chitarra, aka guitar. This cool gadget has a 10m piano string strung across to cut the pasta.

you place the rolled dough on the chitarra and gently but swiftly roll over the wire

eventually the pasta is cut into perfect strips

aren't they lovely?

Jack whipped up a asparagus and broiled artichoke sauce

and we eat!

Next, filled pasta with the buckwheat dough

each gets some ricotta, bärlauch, rucola filling, then folded into half moon, then squish the ends together to get torteloni (a little too big for tortelini)

Jack finishes up the slow-roasted tomato and green onion sauce (my favorite!)

and we stuff more pasta into our full bellies

And of course, some dessert: brutti ma buoni "ugly but good," a very accurate desciption. Jack's recipe is a guarded secret so you'll have take the class to taste them.


Jenna said...

YUM! I am so glad that you documented everything so well! I feel like I was there with you :) I bet the food was so good. I can't wait to try some new pasta and learn from you. Great pics!

Zurich Mama Geek said...

Oh no! Brutti ma buoni are my favorite cookie from Italy and now that we've moved away I'll never learn Jack's secret recipe. Great pictorial!

Astrid said...

Beautiful documentary! I wish I had been there. Let me know if you sign up for other Laughing Lemon classes, would love to join you!

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