Friday, January 23, 2009

right on time

Another "absolute necessary" kitchen tool: my new timer, the Polder 898-90 Clock Timer Stopwatch (rec'd by Cook's). I hate my old timer (also rec'd by Cook's) because the stupid start/stop button is so loose that I have to hit it a few times before it takes and the thermometer feature is poorly calibrated. Why I love my new timer:
  • I can type in the time with the numbers, instead of repeatedly pushing an "up" button (really annoying when I need 50 mins).

  • I can type in exact seconds, if I want to be especially precise.

  • It has a "count up" feature, like a stopwatch, so I can time how long something is happening (like when I want to leave something in the oven a few more minutes and keep checking it - I can just start the stopwatch to track the time instead of constantly resetting the timer to 1 min.

  • It's super small so it fits in my pocket.

  • It has a string, so I can hang it around my neck.

One complaint: the beep is extremely loud (and not adjustable), but it does happily entertain my toddler so I'll look on the bright side.


Zurich Mama Geek said...

Oooooo. That's awewome. I've always wanted a timer that you could input numbers, rather than push endlessly. For now I'm using the iPod as my kitchen timer.

Jessica said...

That is a life saver... where did you buy this gem? Same place as in the other posts?

Astrid said...

I love your gadget posts! Always make me want to buy something, as if I needed the encouragement! At least they help me to buy things that might actually be useful, which is nice.

Tanya said...

I got mine from Fantes, but it's available through many other sites, including Amazon. Glad I could help :)

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