Saturday, December 27, 2008

raw milk does a body good

For the past year, a couple of my friends have been praising the benefits of raw milk. This blurb from explains it quite nicely:
Like most foods, the nutritional quality of milk suffers considerably during processing. Homogenized fat becomes inaccessible, and we need the fat in milk to absorb calcium. Pasteurizing milk kills bacteria essential for its digestion, converts lactose to an indigestible form, interferes with calcium absorption, and destroys vitamins A, C, and B complex. (Child Health Guide, Randall Neustaedter, OMD)
And according to raw milk advocates, raw milk is actually very safe despite the heavy marketing to the contrary. In the US, it's basically illegal, though various communities have found ways (like buying a share in a cow) to still get some. Want to know more?

Anyway, I finally decided to try some, motivated by the benefit of using reusable glass bottles instead of recycling or throwing away seven bottles a week. The Kilchberg farm near my house has a self-serve raw milk dispenser, at 1.50sfr/liter. You just put in some coins, push start, and milk pours into the bottle. The first time I went, they were just bringing a new barrel of milk straight from the barn, so the milk was still warm and so sweet and delicious.It makes me happy to do it, feeling close to the earth and all that silly stuff. I especially love how the cream separates after a day. But since I have a grocery one block from my house where I can get delicious organic, albeit pasteurized, milk, I can't motivate myself to drive out to the farm very often. But every time I'm in the neighborhood, I make a point of stopping by to get a couple liters. Now if they would only deliver : )

just like water machines but somehow much more fun

the Kilchberg farm where we get the milk

Local farms with raw milk:
Kilchberg farm - Stockenstrasse 88, Kilchberg
Adliswil farm - Tüfistrasse 18, Adliswil


Susan C said...

I can't wait to come back to try it!

SwissMiss said...

Totally? I didn't know they had that there, too (and I think I'm closer to them than you are!) Do you need to bring your own bottles?

Tanya said...

Yes, you bring your own bottles. You should definitely try it!

Chari and Chris said...

Do you have the address for this farm? I am not too far from Kilchberg and would love to check it out. Right now I pay 2.70/liter for raw milk at Egli

Tanya said...

Chari and Chris - I added the farm address to the post: Stockenstrasse 88, Kilchberg. Sorry I forgot to include it in the original post.

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