Monday, October 13, 2008

laughing lemon cooking class

My friend Jenna and I with Sylvia and Jack of LaughingLemon -
Jack said we're the first ones to ever request to take a photo with instructors

Ever since I met Jack of LaughingLemon a couple years ago, I've been planning to attend one of their cooking classes. Two weeks ago, I finally made it to their What's In Season class and it was everything I wanted and more. You should all sign up for a class right now! He spent about the first hour discussing various in-season fruits and vegetables and introduced us to some interesting varieties available at the local produce markets. I learned about white sweet potatoes from Italy (for baking, not purees - so yum!), sweet pomegranates from Spain (instead of tart ones from Egypt), cavelo nero (my new favorite cooked greens), why my potatoes go bad so quickly, when various veggies are at their peak flavor, etc.

Then he cooked, dispensing all sorts of useful tidbits about how to prepare the various ingredients. Then we (the 8 students) sat down and ate a five course meal consisting of the food he just prepared, plus a few additional items. It was so delicious! And an incredible value at only 65sfr (the other classes change a little more at 90sfr, but still excellent value). I had a great time and can't wait to go to another class.

my favorite dish: pumpkin puree on ginger crust with drops of pomengranate syrup (sorry for the bad pic)

dessert: pumpkin cake with rose hip sauce, which I'd never heard of before but was so yummy - I want to serve it with everything (he sent us each home with jar of the sauce)

eight satisfied customers


Amy Mc. said...

That looks like so much fun. I am going to have to try to take one of those.

Astrid said...

I went to their class on pumpkins a year or two ago, it was lovely. They seem really passionate about what they are doing. They publish very nice little cookbooks too.

Marla in RĂ¼ti said...

Thanks to the link of of Laughing Lemon's Fresh Attitude I found this blog. I'm soooooo happy!
Question: Does anyone know how long one can keep a can of PAM Spray?

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