Monday, September 08, 2008

American food products at gas stations and other unexpected places

In addition to Jelmoli and Globus, there are a few unexpected places to find American and English food products:

- Gas stations often carry different products than the Migros/Coop cartel. On the Run - Esso gas station in Kusnacht, Seestrasse 139 had on my last visit: Betty Crocker cake mix, A1 Steak Sauce, Bulls Eye BBQ Sauce, Arm & Hammer baking soda, etc.

- Cindy's Diner in Wädenswil (south of Zurich, connected to the gas station on the freeway) has, among other things, American cake mix, frosting, and Mountain Dew.

- Orell Füssli English Bookshop (Bahnhofstrasse 70, Zurich) - They have a random assortment of American and English products, like cake mix and tea cookies, on the second floor in the center. They used to also have these products the basement, so check both places.

- Despite the title, the "Brown Sugar" store in Adliswil does not carry brown sugar, it's just a typical low-end Swiss sandwich place. Don't waste your time.

You can also check these online stores:
- American Food Avenue
- Taste of America (they have brown sugar)
- American Market
- Premiere Videothek London Shop
- XpatXchange list of other online shops

I also found this helpful list of where to get certain American items in Zurich.

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Tania said...

Excellent! Thanks for this info!

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