Saturday, February 02, 2008

america: the spoils

In addition to lots of eating, there was lots of shopping in America. Switzerland has nothing like a Bed, Bath & Beyond or Sur La Table or even the kitchen section of Target. I have to go all the way to Paris to get a proper kitchen store like Mora or E. Dehillerin.

My biggest investment was my first KitchenAid attachment: the Kitchen Aid Fruit & Vegetable Strainer, Food Grinder and Slicer/Shredder Attachment - yay! This means I don't have to spend hours hand-cranking 10 kilos of apples through my manual food mill to get apple butter next fall.

I got several bread-making supplies from King Arthur: hi-gluten flour, vital wheat gluten, diastatic malt powder, caramel color So I now I can really bake proper bagels.

fourteen pounds of brown sugar - you can see where my priorities are

sprinkles - apparently the Swiss don't care for sprinkles shaped like dinosaurs, vampire bats, and lips

what kitchen is complete without an avocado slicer?

we saw this oil dispenser in the Crate & Barrel catalog and just had to have it

Plus various other knick-knacks:
> universal silicone lids - plastic wrap never sticks, so I thought I'd give these "universal" lids a try
> non-tapered french rolling pin
> 55 decorating tip set - I'm not much into decorating cakes, but I like to have a nice variety when I do
> silicone cupcake molds - I'm hopeful, but not sure if they'll work

Still on my list: cute cake stand, bamboo cutting board, three baguette pan, proper china

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margaret said...

You are so turning into Gadget Woman! How do you fit it all into your tiny Swiss kitchen (that is admittedly about three times the size of my tiny Swiss kitchen)?

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