Tuesday, January 15, 2008

america part 5: mexican

fish and shrimp tacos - one of my must-have foods while in San Diego

Mexican food is far and away what I've missed the most being away from CA. I've eaten Mexican almost every day since I've been here and I can't get enough: carnitas, carne asada, fresh tortillas, mexican rice, refried pinto beans, salsa bars, horchata... ok, I'm going out to lunch right now.

Even better is simply the experience of eating out. I can be anywhere in San Diego and think, "I feel like eating tacos" and within a couple minutes, I'll drive by some Albertos or Robertos or Alibertos (almost always a variation on "bertos") taco shop where I can easily park, plop down $5 and be eating fantastic, fresh tacos in 5 minutes. It makes me so happy.

Zurich has a few mexican restaurants, but
a) it's too expensive - 25sfr for a burrito?
b) they usually use bottled salsa that tastes like tomato sauce - gross. There's just no excuse. Fresh, interesting salsa is the whole point of mexican food and it's so easy to make.
c) it's more "fancy" (duck enchiladas, anyone?) and tex-mex, than good ole california taco shop style.

this is what mexican food should look like: cheap, messy and delish!

this is where mexican food should be eaten - the beach!

gotta love those taco shop prices - $.99 guacamole and $.69 salsa

carne asada torta, an old favorite - grilled flank steak and guac on bread

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Nikki F said...

I lived in La Jolla, Del Mar, and Cardiff (north san diego) for 9 years. Been living in Zuri for 2+ years. I DREAM of Albertos still!! It looks like you were at La Jolla shores eating Robertos...
good eating...

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