Tuesday, July 17, 2007

how does your garden grow

my budding serrano chili pepper

I was very optimistic about being able to grow some actual food on my balcony. But maybe six hours of direct sunlight is not enough for sun-loving tomatoes. I may just have to settle for the fried green variety. The jalapeƱo and serrano chilis have just popped out in the last couple weeks. I'm excitedly waiting for them to get bigger so I make salsa with my very own chili peppers. My cilantro, however, insisted on growing tall and spindly. I tried pruning it into submission, but now it's just a shell of its former self. I have a lot to learn about gardening.

my green tomatoes

formally cilantro

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MamaLove said...

Beautiful pepper flowers and your cilantro...don't give up! I too began my venture in herbs though...and well the Rosemary grew and grew and I LOVE the SMELL really hidden delights of my childhood I realized! And well the basil maybe since I got her so late in her season and have not fertizled her as I should have...but she is growing tall and produces many leaves..yummy smell when the breeze hits them and I am doing dishes OH very NICE!!
Hope you guys are doing great and the New baby Dean is doing great!

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