Thursday, April 26, 2007


Here's some things I'm looking forward to eating if and when I make it back to California:

  • carne asada burrito
  • carnitas
  • fresh masa corn tortillas
  • sangria soda pop
  • fish tacos (from Fins, if it's still there)
  • donuts - twists, cake, raised, glazed, sugared, iced, etc. etc.
  • dungeness crab - this means I might have to visit SF too (yea!)
  • in & out burger - it's an addiction, what can I say?
  • odwalla - I miss you, Mo' Beta
  • jamba juice - where are you old friends: Razzmatazz, Peach Pleasure, Mango-a-go-go
  • BBQ, particularly pulled pork - I might have to stop in the Carolinas to get this
  • sweet corn & fresh peas - two of my favorite summer treats. I don't know why these are gross here, but they are absolutely inedible!
  • breakfast out - waffles, pancakes, french toast, biscuits, scrambles, whatever (if only there was a Waffle House in CA)
  • milkshake from an old fashioned diner (oh, Peninsula Creamery, I miss you so)
  • Gyros - Donners are not the same thing
  • Naan bread - I haven't found any decent ones here yet, but I'm still hopeful
  • Pho Chin & Bun Cha


Astrid said...

Wow, I've never tasted any of these (OK, except breakfasts out...), and don't even know what many items on your list are! And I didn't realize the fresh corn here isn't good. Yet I have visited San Francisco in the past. So many foods to taste, so little time!

Randi said...

I know how you feel. I left Cali almost 4 yrs ago and moved to a small town in Canada. When I go back now, I appreciate it so much more.

denise said...


Wanted to say nice blog and lovely photography.

I came across your site while trying to learn if half-and-half is a good substitue for milk when making biscuits.

Sorry to hear about you being homesick. I live in the bay area, and I would miss it too if I left!

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