Tuesday, March 13, 2007

more gadgets

Here are two more of my favorite kitchen gadgets...

My garlic mincing skills have much to be desired, so I typically use a garlic press instead (yes, I know the flavor is different). My old garlic presses were really hard to press - I often had to wedge it against the counter and throw my whole weight against it. So I upgraded to the Zyliss Susi Deluxe garlic press, which I love! It's easy to press, even easier to clean and I don't have to peel the cloves before pressing. Unfortunately, this model is out of production now, but here's a review of the new Zyliss models.

My newest "gadget" is a flour duster, for dusting countertops before kneading or rolling out dough. Before I would simply use my hands or a spoon to spread flour lumps around, which always resulted in much too much flour, unevenly distributed. The duster gives a even, thin layer. It's a simple, silly thing but it makes me a happier baker.

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