Wednesday, February 28, 2007

baking soda

What's a girl to do when she uses up the last 1/4 tsp of baking soda in her cupboard for pancakes? In Zurich, she must visit every store in town before finding these precious little Natron packets. At one precious teaspoon per packet, I had to empty out the store to feed my baking habit for the next couple months. Yes, baking soda (aka Natron) is available in Zurich. However, "available" really means "rare commodity".
Here's where you can find Natron:
- Coop St. Annahof on Bahnhofstr.
- Coop online grocery
- maybe MMM Migros at Glattzentrum (I think I bought a big bottle there once)
Here's where you cannot find Natron:
- Jemoli (I'm very disappointed in you, Jemoli!)
- Migros Zurich City (on Löwenstrasse near Globus)
- Migros Brunau Park
- (Migros online grocery)


Astrid said...

I buy mine at any Apotheke (pharmacy). It's called Natron as well, or Natriumhydrogencarbona. It comes in a bigger package. I knew this because in France I would have to buy it at the pharmacie as well, and ask for "bicarbonate de soude".

Margaret said...

I bought a big packet (I think 50 grams) at the Migros in Adliswil. It was in a brown packet, hidden near the bottom of the spice shelves. I think it was labeled "Bicarbonat".

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