Thursday, August 24, 2006

food podcasts

If you haven't started listening to podcasts yet, you absolutely must familiarize yourself with this "new cool thing". It's like a radio show broadcast over the web, only you can listen to it whenever you want. Lots of existing radio stations make their shows available this way, so you can listen to your US local station while living in Zurich. And just like blogs, every average Joe and their dog has their own amateur podcast out there on the net. I prefer the professional podcast, but the point is that there's something for everyone. I find it a great way to make a couple hours watching my son play at the park or Trampolino more entertaining and even educational.

Anyway, I'd like to recommend some food podcasts I've started listening to (all free). This is a great way to get inspired and improve your cooking creativity.

The easiest way to get these podcasts is through iTunes. You don't need an iPod (although that makes your podcasts mobile). You just install iTunes on your computer (free download), search for the podcasts using the software, then listen to the podcasts through your computer. You can also download the shows directly from the website links I give above. Then you can listen to them on your computer or on your MP3 player.


Astrid said...

Oh great, a new way to procrastinate! Thanks (I think...)

tanya d said...

Anything to distract and delight :)

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