Monday, May 15, 2006

crust and crumb

This lovely loaf rose so tall in the oven and I was proud. The crust was golden, the crumb delicate. Then my first bite. So sad when bread goes bad. The mysterious bitterness haunted us for days until we finally decided the honey was the culprit. Oh, Schweizer Wald Honig - you do me wrong! So now I'm on the search for the perfect honey. Let me rephrase. I'm on the search for a perfect honey available in Switzerland. I already know that Tupelo is "The Honey" - may all other honey bow before it. But alas, I am far from home.

So how should one select honey without being able to taste it? Since the bread debaucle, I've already tried four new ones, three duds and one perfectly average. The packaging is enticing, but deceptive. And price is no indication of quality. Plus, taste is subjective. Based on hazy recollections of previous favorable honey encounters, I've decided to limit my search to light colored honeys from France. I can broaden from there if necessary. Suggestions are welcome.

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